IMPACT: Benchtop dot peen marking machine

Dot Peen Station

The Impact dot peen engraver is a standalone metal engraving machine easy to configure and master. Take your business to the next level, whatever its size and expertise.

  • Touch & Mark
    The large color touchscreen and onboard control software make training a thing of the past. The intuitive system allows you to start marking text, logos and 2D codes straight away. Also metal plate engraving makes it the best engraving machine for metal. It makes the operator’s life easy and does not require a computer.
  • I-Sense Dot Peen Marking Station
    The I-Sense function (Impact eZ m) detects the surface of the workpiece, automatically adjusts the height of the Z-axis and starts marking with no intervention on the part of the operator. Several adjustment modes are available: automatic mode (I-Sense), programmable mode and normal mode, which allows manual adjustment.
  • Dynamic Dot Control
    Obtain a perfect result every time with the IMPACT DDC™ (Dynamic Dot Control, on Impact m and eZ m) feature, a technology which enables automatic adjustment of point density according to the required size and depth of marking.
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