Valveaction Fibertip Markers

Markings are sharp and waterproof with vivid colors. Patented valve feed - permanent ink. More than 50,000 markings one inch high. Barrelfilled with ink ...not felt stuffing. Felt tips are instantly replace- able and extras are always available. Just throw it away when empty. Needs no refilling or loose accessories.


Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue Green, Orange, Brown • Purple


Uv-Blackute, Blue Wash-0ff

Steelballpoint Metalmarkers

These markers are equipped with a precision stainless steel ball writing tip that glides effortlessly on any surface. Marks are bright, opaque and sharply defined. Withstands extreme weather conditions, washing, oil grease or rubbing without losing brilliance or legibility. Has an alum- inum body with a convenient pocketclip. Usesfull ink supply to last drop.


Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue Orange, Brown, Purple, White, Aluminum
A Large Variety Of Ink Formulation Are Available For Speclallzed Uses.

Point Size:

0, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Brite-Mark Valve Action Paint Filled Marker

The first industrial marker made in America that allows you to write on virtually any surface: rubber, plastic, metal, glass ... anything! The BRITE-MARK Paint Marker features an opaque, oil-base paint to provide a sharp, glossy finish. And each of the 14 colors maintains its origina1 hue, regardless of the object it's being appli- ed to. Brite-Mark-convenient size and shape, clean tip, and bright, opaque colors-the perfect Marker for all kinds of writing


White, Black, Pink, Orange, Red Green, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Sliver Blue, Violet, Ught Blue, Ught Green