Steel Hand Stamps

The easiest way to make your mark

The easiest way to make your mark.

LAB TEST steel letter and figure stamps are furnished in gothic-style characters, level on the face and square with the shank, with crowned hammer ends. Each stamp has the exclusive, dual-purpose thumb groove for a sure grip. Finding the thumb side is easy, even in low light. These features insure a good, accurate impression. Our stamps are the easiest way to make your mark.

Strait Shank Conventional Characters

Strait-Shank Conventional Characters

Made-to-order in any size, with any lettering, trademark or design, these stamps are used for marking part numbers, stock numbers, production codes, end cuts of steel billets, tool steel brands and similar items.

Steel Inspection Stamps

Inspector’s Identification Stamps

Inspector’s Identification Stamps With Qualifying Mark

You can design your own inspection code marking system with these fine dies. Acceptance, rejection, deviation, etc., are expressed by borders or other large characters. Small numbers of letters can identify company, inspector, shift, etc. (Also available in low stress characters.)

Steel Code Stamps In Series

Steel Code Stamps In Series

Series shown here are available in two sizes: 3/16” and 1/4" high borders. Highest quality dies, similar to “Premier” grade. Choice of five border styles with numbers from 0 to 99 or letters A to Z. Borders serve many uses, such as identifying work shifts, while figure identifies workman, inspector, etc., according to your own code. Other sizes made to order. (Also available in low stress characters.)